👋Welcome to Bonsai DAO

Bonsai DAO is a groundbreaking initiative in the DeFi sector, establishing a metaDAO ecosystem characterized by its scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. The inception of Bonsai DAO marks a strategic evolution designed to enhance stakeholder engagement and foster growth. Unlike traditional DAO structures, Bonsai DAO leverages the dynamism of SubDAOs to provide diverse financial products and services, thereby offering a broader, more inclusive approach to asset management and growth strategies. A key component of this approach includes strategic Airdrops from subDAOs to $Bonsai holders, incentivizing participation and investment within the ecosystem. Additionally, the interconnectivity of the subDAOs within the ecosystem boosts the value of each subDAO and the metaDAO as a whole, further enriched by these airdrops which serve as tangible rewards for stakeholders' loyalty and support.

Purpose and Vision

The primary aim of Bonsai DAO is to provide a robust ecosystem for decentralized products (Leaves) to thrive, fostering long-term sustainability and efficiency. By embracing a model that supports the launch and development of subDAOs, Bonsai DAO positions itself at the forefront of innovation, becoming a DeFi ecosystem of greater maturity and resilience under any market conditions.

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to become part of the Bonsai DAO ecosystem, become eligible for the upcoming airdrops and earn passive income on major currencies.

Core Values


Bonsai upholds the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and ethics. We stand steadfast in our commitment to the foundational values of DeFi.


As a passionate advocate for its own products and for DeFi at large, Bonsai proactively reaches out beyond the confines of the "crypto-native" community, engaging stakeholders from all walks of life.

Principled Pragmatism

Bonsai is open to adopting best practices from outside the realm of DeFi, as long as they align with and advance our mission. We never waver in upholding our core values.


At Bonsai DAO, the power resides with those who matter most - the token holders. They are the ones who determine our destiny.


Participating in Bonsai holds no promise of financial gain. Please only participate in Bonsai's protocol to the extent allowed by your jurisdiction. Bonsai does not guarantee any compensation for any of our users in the event of exploits, hacks, and other unforeseeable negative events.