🌳How to Migrate to $Bonsai

Step 1. Connect your wallet

You'll need to connect your crypto wallet to migrate your $UMAMI tokens to $Bonsai tokens.

-> Head over to bonsaidao.xyz/migrate

-> Click on Connect Wallet

-> Select your wallet and approve the connection.

Connection complete!

Step 2. Preview migration and approve $UMAMI holdings

After connecting, the interface will give you a preview of your $UMAMI holdings and calculate how many $Bonsai tokens you are eligible to migrate.

-> Click Approve for each $UMAMI token to allow access and sign each approval.

-> Click on Migrate and sign it.

Step 3. Migration Completed!

That’s it. You have successfully migrated your $UMAMI holdings to $Bonsai holdings. Welcome to the new and exciting Bonsai ecosystem!

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