Foundational products of Bonsai DAO, poised for evolution into self-sustaining SubDAOs

Every Bonsai's product starts as a Leaf of the Bonsai tree, symbolizing the initial phase of growth and integration within the ecosystem. These Leaves represent decentralized products designed to share revenue with Bonsai DAO, contributing to the collective prosperity and reinforcing the ecosystem's financial foundation. As a Leaf matures, achieving self-sustainability and profitability, it transitions into a SubDAO.

This evolution from a Leaf to a SubDAO marks a significant milestone, indicating that the product has established a robust operational framework and is ready to contribute more autonomously to the broader objectives of Bonsai DAO, all while continuing to enhance the ecosystem's diversity and resilience.

Umami Leaf


Umami Leaf is built on Arbitrum and is offering top-tier, non-custodial yield products called vaults, for core crypto assets like $USDC, $BTC, and $ETH. Umami aims to construct professional-grade DeFi products that cater to both retail and institutional capital, with an emphasis on crypto-native funds.

Focused on becoming a liquidity hub on Arbitrum, Umami's vaults simplify the user experience in yield farming, automating processes like hedging and managing liquidity pools and focusing on a permissionless, decentralized experience that requires minimal intervention - simply deposit and earn.

Umami serves as a foundational leaf, generating essential revenue for operational expenses of Bonsai DAO and is not positioned to become its own SubDAO in the foreseeable future.

Leaf 1

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Leaf 2

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