🏆Garden Seasons

Step into the role of a Guardian—nurture the garden, and reap exclusive rewards!

Garden Seasons are periodic engagement campaigns designed to deepen community involvement and enrich the experience of being part of Bonsai DAO. These seasons introduce a variety of tasks and challenges, dubbed 'Nurturing Tasks,' which Guardians must complete to earn special Trophies.

Guardians are $Bonsai holders, and to become eligible to participate in the Garden seasons, you have to become a Guardian first.

It's important to note that despite the engaging seasonal activities, the primary criteria for airdrop eligibility remain the size and duration of $Bonsai tokens held.

Nurturing Tasks

Engage in Seasonal Nurturing Tasks to actively cultivate the vitality of our Bonsai Garden. These tasks span various engagements within our ecosystem—from interacting with our products and social media to connecting with other Guardians. Successfully completing the entire set of tasks earns you a Seasonal Trophy. Most of these tasks will be listed on the Galxe platform.

Guardian Stats

Keep an eye on your Guardian Stats to track how your contributions nurture the Bonsai community. This dashboard not only reflects your active engagement but also ranks your efforts among fellow Guardians. Higher rankings promise more substantial rewards in future initiatives, recognizing your commitment to our garden's prosperity.


Trophies are awarded for completing seasonal nurturing tasks and participating in key community activities. These trophies are not merely symbolic; they provide Guardians with additional airdrop allocations, acknowledging their active contribution to the ecosystem. Each season concludes with a unique Seasonal Trophy that enhances the holder’s airdrop potential, especially for the upcoming Leaf airdrops.

Future Seasons and Airdrop Adjustments

Following the initial seasons, Bonsai DAO will continue introducing new seasons, each adding layers of engagement and potential rewards. While we plan to refine the airdrop mechanism slightly for clarity and fairness, the amount and duration of $Bonsai tokens held will remain the primary determinant of airdrop eligibility. These ongoing seasons are intended to keep the community vibrant, engaged, and rewarded.

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