Bonsai DAO FAQ

What is Bonsai DAO? Bonsai DAO is a decentralized ecosystem that fosters the growth of decentralized products (Leaves) into autonomous SubDAOs, enhancing stakeholder engagement and fostering innovation.

What is a MetaDAO? A MetaDAO is a decentralized organization composed of interconnected subDAOs. Bonsai DAO is a MetaDAO.

What is a Leaf? A Leaf is a product under the wing of Bonsai DAO. Every new product is launched as a Leaf first until it reaches sustainability, at which point it evolves into its own SubDAO. Some Leaves may reach this stage right upon launch.

What is a SubDAO? SubDAOs are autonomous entities within Bonsai DAO, each with its own governance and operations.

How does Umami DAO fit within Bonsai DAO? Umami DAO continues as a foundational product, a Leaf, within Bonsai DAO, generating revenue to cover operational expenses and support the development of new Leaves and SubDAOs.

How do tokenomics work within Bonsai DAO? $BONSAI tokenomics remain fixed. Holders of Umami DAO ($UMAMI) tokens can exchange them for $BONSAI tokens. $BONSAI holders are eligible for SubDAO airdrops, can participate in governance, and influence the future of SubDAOs.

How are airdrops distributed, and what are the benefits of early participation? Details on airdrop distribution will be published in a timely manner. Early holders receive higher allocations, incentivizing participation from the outset. Active participation in the ecosystem is also rewarded, for example, by participating in Betas and using products.

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