The primary snapshot is an on-going event

Airdrops within Bonsai DAO play a crucial role in our decentralized ecosystem, incentivizing participation and rewarding long-term commitment. These strategic distributions occur during pivotal events in the lifecycle of our products, primarily during the Token Generation Events (TGEs) when a Leaf transitions into a fully operational SubDAO.

Token Generation Event (TGE): From Leaf to SubDAO Evolution

The Token Generation Event (TGE) marks a pivotal milestone in the life cycle of a product within the Bonsai DAO ecosystem. It signifies the transition of a project from its initial phase as a Leaf to a fully-fledged SubDAO with its own tokenomics, governance, and operational independence. This evolution reflects a project’s achievement of self-sustainability and profitability, ready to contribute significantly to the broader objectives of Bonsai DAO.

Who Gets a SubDAO Airdrop?

  • Bonsai Token Holders: The primary recipients of TGE airdrops are $Bonsai token holders, who gain directly from the success of each SubDAO. These strategic airdrops foster a more interconnected ecosystem, boosting the collective wealth and diversity of the community.

  • The SubDAO: With a successful TGE, a SubDAO gains autonomy and flexibility, essential for innovation and tailored responses to market demands.

  • The Bonsai Ecosystem: Each successful TGE strengthens the Bonsai DAO model, enhancing its attractiveness to developers, investors, and users and promoting further growth.

Snapshots and multipliers

Each Leaf within the Bonsai DAO ecosystem is associated with its own snapshot prior to its Token Generation Event (TGE). These snapshots are critical for determining eligibility for airdrops linked to each SubDAO. To prevent gaming the system, the start of each snapshot is not disclosed in advance and may begin at any point after a Leaf has been announced.

Ongoing Primary Snapshot

The primary snapshot is a continuous event that records the daily holdings of $Bonsai tokens. Eligibility for airdrops is determined based on the duration and size of $Bonsai holdings.

Long-term holders benefit from a higher multiplier, though it’s capped to ensure fairness.

To qualify for the maximum multiplier, you must maintain your holdings for a specified period and still be holding on the TGE day. Exact multipliers and allocation details will be announced later.

You can also participate in periodic engagement campaigns that provide opportunities to enhance your airdrop allocation. We call those Garden Seasons. Read more:

πŸ†Garden Seasons

Migration Snapshot

This special snapshot acknowledges those who migrate early from $UMAMI to $Bonsai by offering an additional token allocation. This snapshot concludes on May 19th 2024.

The snapshot mechanisms are designed to ensure fairness and reward commitment within the Bonsai DAO community, providing a clear and equitable basis for airdrop distributions as we continue to grow and evolve our ecosystem.

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