Autonomous entities within Bonsai DAO, each with distinct governance and tokenomics.

The transition from a Leaf to autonomous SubDAO embodies the strategic advantages of our approach over traditional DAO structures, offering a multitude of benefits:

Direct Value Return through Airdrops

SubDAOs commit to airdropping a significant portion of their tokens to $Bonsai holders, ensuring that the success of new initiatives directly benefits the entire ecosystem. This model promotes a continuous value return, rewarding stakeholders and reinforcing the ecosystem's collective success.

Chain Expansion and Early Builders Programs

Bonsai DAO will take advantage of the growing L1/L2 landscape, collaborating with top-tier chains to introduce subDAOs in new ecosystems. This strategy not only provides financial support to subDAOs but also integrates L2's vibrant communities, expanding the Bonsai family.

Tailored Tokenomics

A move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach is made, with specific tokenomics being designed for each subDAO to cater to its unique market needs. This adaptability addresses the diversity of products and initiatives within Bonsai DAO, ensuring tailored success.

Adaptive Marketing

Marketing strategies are customized for each subDAO, enhancing engagement with the community by aligning with varied audience expectations. This flexibility allows for the effective promotion of a wide range of products.

Innovation and Experimentation

Exploration of new ideas, including high-risk, high-reward ventures, is encouraged by the structure of Bonsai DAO, without diluting the core value proposition of the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Synergy and Interconnectivity

SubDAOs are not only seen as independent entities but also as integral parts of a larger, collaborative ecosystem. The interconnectivity among subDAOs is known to boost the value of individual subDAOs and the metaDAO as a whole, fostering a network of mutual support and shared growth.

Team Expansion and Capital Raises:

By leveraging funds from subDAO initiatives and targeted capital raises, Bonsai DAO can swiftly expand its team and fasten the product development. This strategy reduces financial pressure on Bonsai DAO, enabling focused growth in key areas.

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