↗️Roadmap 2024

This outline presents our confirmed initiatives for the coming year, focusing on the development and expansion of our ecosystem. It's important to note that this roadmap represents only a portion of our ongoing planning and discussions. We are continuously exploring new opportunities, including potential new Leaves, partnerships, and expansions onto other blockchain networks. As such, we will update our roadmap periodically to reflect new certainties and strategic directions.

🍔Umami GM ARB Vault

We are expanding the offerings on the Umami platform by including $ARB as a new option for users to deposit and earn yield. The ARB Vault will utilize advanced strategies underpinned by the GMX v2 protocol, providing investors with a safe and lucrative way to increase their exposure to this emerging asset within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

🍔Dolomite Integration

Integration with Dolomite will allow users to deposit GM vault receipt tokens into the Dolomite platform, enabling them to borrow against these assets. This functionality enhances the utility of the GM vaults by providing additional liquidity options and flexibility for users managing their investment strategies.

🌿Pre-Launch Leaf 1 - Leverage Platform

Prior to the beta launch, all promotional and informational materials for Leaf 1 will be made available. This includes a launch of the website, social media channels, and detailed documentation to ensure the community is well-informed and prepared for the upcoming leverage platform, enhancing anticipation and user readiness.

🍔Lending Liquidity Pools on Umami

Bonsai DAO plans to introduce lending liquidity pools on Umami, which will allow users to lend their assets in a secure, decentralized environment. These pools are designed to complement the existing GM Vaults, providing users with additional avenues for earning passive income.

🌿Leaf 1 Beta

The beta phase for Leaf 1 will allow for preliminary user feedback and system adjustments, ensuring that the leverage platform is robust and user-friendly at launch.

🌿Leaf 1 Deployment

Following a successful beta phase, Leaf 1 will be officially deployed, offering innovative leverage options and marking a significant expansion of our DeFi offerings.

🌿Pre-Launch Leaf 2

Marketing and informational preparations will ramp up for Leaf 2, setting the stage for its introduction to the community. Detailed plans and benefits of the new platform will be shared to build excitement and engagement.

🌿Leaf 2 Beta and Deployment

Leaf 2 will undergo a beta phase similar to Leaf 1, followed by full deployment. This platform will focus on providing effective exit strategies for token holders, enhancing the flexibility and control users have over their investments.

🌟TGE - Airdrop Leaf 1 and Leaf 2

The Token Generation Events for Leaf 1 and Leaf 2 will culminate in significant airdrops to $Bonsai holders, rewarding them for their ongoing support and investment in the growth of the Bonsai ecosystem.

This roadmap is a snapshot of our planned activities for 2024, representing our commitment to innovation and community engagement. We look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to develop and refine our offerings.

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